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Five Day CONUS Replacement Center Course




5 Days


About the Course

Step into a comprehensive training experience that leaves no stone unturned in equipping you for success in challenging environments. Our meticulously crafted course spans five intense days, each packed with essential knowledge, practical skills, and hands-on drills that prepare you to excel under pressure.

Day 1: Your journey begins with a warm welcome and a solid Training Foundation. An Administrative Review ensures all is in order, while a thorough Medical/Immunization/Dental Records Review ensures you're primed for the days ahead.

Day 2: Dive into vital modules: Rules for Use of Force, Law of War, IED/UXO, and Hostage Survival. The day concludes with an ISOPREP session and a Final Admin Review, ensuring you're on track.

Day 3: Delve into the heart of readiness. Understand the Physiological Effects of Imminent Danger and master Hemorrhage and Shock Management. Gain hands-on skills in Tourniquet/Pressure Dressing Application, Airway and Breathing Management, Abdominal and Pelvic Trauma Management, and more.

Day 4: Lock and load for Marksmanship, Pistol Qualification, M4 Zeroing, and Rifle Qualification. Hone your skills with Presentation, Reloads, and Immediate & Remedial Action drills.

Day 5: As you conclude, become adept in Weapons Maintenance and tackle Rifle Drill Cards, Shooting while Moving, Barricades, and Team Movement. Complete the course with AK Familiarization, further Weapons Maintenance, and a thorough Records Review.

Before your arrival, the course requires completion of Department of Defense web-based training, along with dental and medical exams, to ensure readiness. We provide you with a list of these requirements for internal dissemination among anticipated deploying personnel. As a participant, you're responsible for printing and presenting completion certificates for each module to our program staff. Our diligent team reviews each certificate to ensure DoD compliance.

Beyond the administrative aspect, our program staff orchestrates a comprehensive review of your Medical/Immunization/Dental records with local providers, solidifying your physical readiness.

If you're ready to embark on this transformative journey, contact us to receive a comprehensive informational brochure. And if you're seeking deeper insights, don't hesitate to schedule an over-the-phone discussion. Your path to readiness begins here.

Your Instructor

Ashley Amerson

Ashley Amerson

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