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One Day Vehicle Defense




1 Day


About the Course

Engage in an immersive learning experience as this course blends interactive multimedia lectures, hands-on exercises, and dynamic attack simulations. Focusing intently on vehicle dynamics, individual vehicle safety, and control within hostile contexts, you'll acquire essential skills.

Our emphasis extends to recognizing potential attacks swiftly and maintaining heightened situational awareness. By mastering the art of identifying 'pre-incident indicators,' you'll be poised to detect potential threats. Swift response strategies are ingrained, equipping you to tactically break contact when necessary.

Delve into training scenarios that mirror real-world dynamics, carried out within Sport Utility Vehicles. This carefully chosen setup replicates the vehicles encountered in high-risk environments, allowing you to gain firsthand experience and familiarity.

To uncover the comprehensive scope of our offerings, don't hesitate to reach out and request our detailed informational brochure. Alternatively, you can arrange a phone discussion to explore the nuances of our program further. Elevate your readiness by seizing this opportunity today.

Your Instructor

Brian Chung

Brian Chung

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