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Three Day High Risk Environment Orientation Course




3 Days


About the Course

Embark on an intensive course that navigates the complexities of high-risk environments. Over three impactful days, our comprehensive curriculum equips you with vital skills.

Day 1: A warm "Welcome aboard" sets the tone for your journey. Lay a robust Training Foundation and engage in an Administrative Review. A thorough Medical/Immunization/Dental Records Review ensures your readiness.

Day 2: Delve into essentials including Rules for Use of Force, Law of War, and defuse threats with IED/UXO expertise. Sharpen your instincts in a Vehicle Bomb Search, master Hostage Survival strategies, and finalize your knowledge with an ISOPREP session and thorough Final Admin Review.

Day 3: Understand the "Physiological Effects of Imminent Danger" and master Hemorrhage and Shock Management. Develop hands-on skills in Tourniquet/Pressure Dressing Applications, Airway and Breathing Management, and navigate complex scenarios in Abdominal and Pelvic Trauma, Burns and Blast Injuries, Head, Spine, and Eye Trauma Management. The day culminates in comprehensive Patient Assessment techniques.

To enter this transformative experience, completion of Department of Defense web-based training and thorough dental and medical assessments are vital. These ensure your readiness to the fullest extent possible. Our commitment to preparation is reflected in a detailed list of requirements, internally shared among the deploying personnel you anticipate.

Your participation extends to printing and presenting completion certificates for each module to our dedicated program staff. Rest assured, each certificate is meticulously reviewed to ensure alignment with DoD standards.

Complementing this, our program staff orchestrates a comprehensive Medical/Immunization/Dental record review with local providers, ensuring your physical readiness is second to none.

On-site, we amplify your capabilities through lecture training across pivotal modules including Rules of Use of Force, Law of War, IE/UXO, Hostage Survival, Isolated Personnel Report (ISOPREP), and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). These lectures arm you with essential insights to thrive in any high-stakes scenario.

For a comprehensive insight into our offerings, peruse our informational brochure. To delve deeper and receive a personalized perspective, schedule an over-the-phone discussion. Your path to unmatched preparedness commences here.

Your Instructor

Kelly Parker

Kelly Parker

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