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Two Day Intermediate Vehicle Defense




2 Day


About the Course

Embark on an advanced journey that surpasses the confines of our Vehicle Defense course. This offering is meticulously designed for those who yearn for a more profound skill set, a deeper immersion into the realm of high-risk environment driving. Alternatively, it serves as a perfect progression for students who have already undergone our Vehicle Defense course.

Our Intermediate Vehicle Defense program expands the horizon of your capabilities, meticulously curated to equip you with a diverse toolkit tailored for navigating the challenges of high-stress driving scenarios.

Building upon the solid foundation established in our foundational course, this program ventures further. It introduces you to the world of high-performance driving, unveiling the secrets of mastering vehicle control even in the most demanding situations. Street line techniques are ingrained, enabling you to glide seamlessly through complex urban landscapes. Precision interdiction and barricade breaching methods become part of your arsenal, empowering you to effectively address threats and challenges head-on.

Experience hands-on learning within the confines of both Sport Utility Vehicles and Sedans, replicating real-world scenarios that are emblematic of high-risk environments. The fusion of theory and practice ensures that you not only grasp the principles but also apply them effectively in dynamic situations.

To delve deeper into the scope and offerings of this program, we invite you to request our comprehensive informational brochure. Additionally, for a more personalized exploration and in-depth conversation, consider scheduling a phone discussion. Your journey to elevated readiness begins here.

Your Instructor

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