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Our Work

In the dynamic landscape of global challenges, Vanguard stands as a steadfast partner, dedicated to shaping innovative solutions that foster progress and security. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Vanguard's diverse expertise spans industries, from cutting-edge technology to sustainable development. Our collaborative approach, driven by passion and precision, fuels our mission to create meaningful impact. Through tailored strategies, advanced technologies, and a deep understanding of intricate complexities, Vanguard navigates the path toward a safer, more connected, and prosperous world, leaving a lasting legacy of positive transformation.

Crime Scene Investigation


AABIS: Pioneering Biometric Security in Afghanistan

In the realm of cutting-edge security solutions, Vanguard emerges as a trailblazer with the Afghanistan Automated Biometric Identification System (AABIS 2.0). This sophisticated electronic database, bolstered by a comprehensive suite of software applications, showcases Vanguard's unwavering dedication to safeguarding national interests. AABIS 2.0 has a resounding purpose: to serve as a robust foundation, enabling the seamless storage, swift retrieval, and meticulous search of vital biometric data linked to individuals who hold critical importance in the realm of national security.


ISP Services: A Decade of Enabling Connectivity at Camp Taji

In Iraq Vanguard isn't just an Internet Service Provider; we're the architects of seamless connections. With a decade of expertise, we've woven a digital fabric that serves over 4000 daily subscribers, providing lightning-fast speeds from 5 Mbps to a blazing 450 Mbps. Our dedicated IT experts ensure round-the-clock support, both onsite and online, guaranteeing uninterrupted access for the US community.

Wireless Access Point Installation
Military Humvee


Symphony: Vanguard's Pivotal Role in the War on Terror

In the world's relentless fight against terror, Vanguard's crucial involvement in bolstering Symphony, a battle-tested Radio Control Improvised Explosive Device (RCIED) Defeat System, stands strong. As the preferred choice for Coalition and Partner Nation forces, Symphony's unwavering performance finds unwavering support from Vanguard. With Field Service Engineers, Integrated Logistics Support, and CONUS based depot maintenance services, Vanguard amplifies Symphony's impact, underscoring our dedication to global security.


FOPEN: Pioneering Surveillance Advancements in Challenging Terrain

Vanguard's role in transforming counter-terrorism and insurgency operations is exemplified through its support of the Foliage Penetration Radar (FOPEN) and Tactical Reconnaissance & Counter-Concealment (TRACER) missions. Vanguard's integral role includes providing Integrated Logistics Support and Subject Matter Expertise for these vital endeavors in SOUTHCOM. FOPEN's capacity to penetrate dense foliage and TRACER's real-time ground imagery have redefined surveillance in complex environments. As a dedicated partner, Vanguard contributes to advancing these missions, enabling resilient security solutions and shaping the course of operations in demanding landscapes.

Security Room


BLSS: Unparalleled Life Support Services in Iraq

Vanguard stands as a beacon of excellence in Iraq's challenging landscape, offering comprehensive and unmatched life support services. With a steadfast focus on safety, our robust security apparatus, integrated electronic systems, and local partnerships ensure the utmost security for our clients' personnel and operations. Our state-of-the-art facilities blend comfort and functionality, fostering a productive environment. Leveraging local expertise and compliance with regulations, Vanguard's mission-critical support, responsive medical care, and commitment to excellence make us the premier choice for clients seeking a holistic and innovative approach to life support services in Iraq.

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